Birth with Joy! - Education for Empowered Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting

My courses provide everything you need to feel confident and prepared for a positive birth experience, and life after birth. As an Independent Midwife I have learnt so much about what contributes to a successful birth and parenting experience. My 36 years Professional Midwifery and Nursing experience, a Diploma in Antenatal Education, and 27 years parenting experience, combined with a practical, common-sense approach, will help you smoothly navigate your way through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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Knowledge is Power!

My courses are designed for Parents and Parents-to-be. My aim is to share information in an easy to understand format so parents can make truly informed decisions about their care. Making empowered decisions can lead to better experiences of birth and parenting, and can reduce the incidence of birth trauma and PTSD. Research shows that a good antenatal course can reduce the need for interventions, and reduce your need for an epidural or caesarean.

What Makes My Courses so Much Better Than Others?

I was a midwife for over 20 years, and have worked in all birth settings. I have helped hundreds of families to have a happy, healthy pregnancy, joyful birth and positive parenting experience. I have a diploma in Antenatal Education and have taught classes for 18 years. I am also a mother to 2 grown up children so have 28 years of parenting experience to share. My births were totally different from each other, giving me a balanced personal view of birth.

Inclusive and Sensitive Language

My courses are fully inclusive of gender and culture. I am also trauma - aware, having suffered birth trauma with my first birth and subsequently undertaken training with Penny Simpkin and Mathew Appleton. I am currently training to help families with trauma after birth. I have a non-biased approach to birth and parenting, and am supportive of all choices that parents make.

In My Courses for Parents you will find information on:

Preparing for birth and parenting, Making a Birth Plan, Breathing and relaxation techniques, Waterbirth, Caesarean birth, Home birth, Greeting your baby, Freebirth, Caring for your mental health, Baby care, Feeding your baby, The first weeks after birth, The babymoon, Resources and further support, and information for Birth partners.

Midiwives, Doulas and other Birthworkers

I have taught midwives, student midwives, doctors and Doulas in the UK and abroad. I love sharing my knowledge, so birth-workers will also benefit from my courses on the following subjects

Physiological Third stage, Prevention of PPH, Shoulder Dystocia, Breech Birth, and how to prevent birth trauma and how to support people who have suffered previous trauma.

The information shared here is antenatal education not medical advice, and should not take the place of seeking medical or midwifery care during pregnancy or birth.