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My first online and interactive Antenatal Course is Live!

I am so thrilled that my course is live! I have been slaving over a hot computer for weeks, to get my thoughts down in some cohesive order and find the best links to back up my information. I have also been blessed by the many women who have given me consent to use their beautiful images...


Why I'm compelled to teach about Breech Birth

Why I Teach Breech I have wanted to write this blog for some time, but have been busy in my personal life, so haven't got round to it until now. Despite my reluctance, I have had several prompts to share my knowledge about breech birth recently. Reluctant because I'm still grieving the loss of a...


Birth with Joy

Hello and welcome to my Blog! I am so excited to be here and sharing my wisdom with you all again. It has been quite a while since I wrote my first blog post because I was caring for and grieving my sister who passed away last year. That journey has changed me fundamentally and has focussed my...